Washed linen fabric

Washed linen is really an excellent fabric for home textiles. Our design products are mostly sewn from high quality 100% linen. 

Linen is a poplular fabric, made from the fibers sourced from the stems of flax plants. This gives it great durability, allowing linen products to serve you from generation to generation. Linen has many great qualities, it is natural, sustainable and completely degrades in nature. Linen cools in summer and warms in winter. Linen is anti allergic, anti statistic and linen is very soft. 

And important, linen care IS really SIMPLE!

Washing LINEN

We recommend washing linen separately from other fabrics and colors, the products cut out inwards.  

We recommend to wash linen by hands or in the washing machine delicate cycling. It is preferable not to refill the washing machine with linen products so they can wrap each other. Do not wrap or stretch linen, it can constantly damage its original shape. 

It is recommended to wash linen at 30-40 degrees water. Higher water temperatures will cause linen irreversible shrinkage up to 15%.

Also, when normaly washing linen, it may shrink, but the possible shrinkage is within the range of 3-5%. 

And essential - linen products are getting only softer with every wash!


Only delicate detergents are recommended for linen. Strong detergents can slightly bleach linen fantastic color. Also, we do not recommend to use tumble softener. The laundry softener will coat the fabric fibers and linen will stop absorbing moisture.

Drying LINEN

We recommend you to dry linen outdoors in the shade. If this is not possible, the linen should be laid out to dry while it is still moist. When drying, linen will return its shape and creases. Linen should not be overdried, then it becomes hard. 

Electric dryers

We do not recommend the use dryers. They can be used, but linen can shrink, as well it can lose its stonewashed charm. The dryer will shorten linen life, as the linen fibres will be slightly damaged during each drying process.

Ironing LINEN

We do not recommend ironing washed linen. The charm of the washed linen is its creasing. However, if the linen textile is ironed, it should be ironed medium heat mode. Also you can use steamer. 


Linen like air.  Make sure it has good air circulation in the closet. 


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