1. About Us

Linen-natural.lv (hereinafter referred to as the E-store) has been created and is maintained by the Limited Liability Company Latvijas labumi (hereinafter referred to as the Seller), reg. No. 40103907024, unified reg. No. LV40103907024, registered address: Maza pils Street 6-2, Riga, LV-1050, account No.LV07HABA0551040166233, actual address: Maza pils Street 6-2, Riga, LV-1050, email: [email protected], phone: +371 20040460. E-store actual adress: Maza pils iela 6, Riga, LV-1050. 

2. Privacy Policy

The Seller is fully aware that you do not wish to provide your online purchase data; therefore, it undertakes to ensure the protection of your personal data and privacy in accordance with regulatory requirements, explains this Privacy Policy to you and provides information about your rights regarding personal data processing.

Shopping in the E-store takes place according to the Regulations No. 207 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia of 28 May 2002 – Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts. The E-store data is processed by Latvijas labumi SIA. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with Section 7(1) of the Personal Data Processing Law and in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. We process personal data solely for the purpose of registering the Buyer of the E-store, rendering purchase and delivery services and providing the requested information.

The only particulars we need are:

  • name and surname (to identify you upon receipt of the order); 
  • phone number (to confirm the order and ensure delivery);
  • address/parcel machine address (to ensure delivery)
  • email address (to provide answers to any questions and send information on the purchase and delivery of the goods).

Please be informed that the disclosure of your personal information to third parties is permitted only in cases required by law.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact us.

3. Right of Withdrawal/Return of the Goods

The regulations and rights for the return of the goods follow from Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts and the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

The Buyer may withdraw from the distance contract unilaterally within 14 days from the date of acquiring the physical possession of the goods!

If you want to return purchased goods:

1.just send us refusal form to our e mail: [email protected]

and we will help you with return of goods!  

Please note!

The Buyer should bear in mind that he/she is liable for the diminished value of the goods purchased, as well as for maintaining the quality of the goods during the exercise of the right of withdrawal. If the Buyer submits the withdrawal remotely, he/she shall be obliged to return the goods to the actual address of the E-store within 7 days after sending the written withdrawal.

The Seller shall refund the purchase amount of the goods to the Buyer no later than 30 days after receipt of the Buyer’s written application.

The Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if the goods have been manufactured on the instruction of the Buyer or are clearly personalised. The Buyer shall be liable for any damage to the goods that occurred during the return of the goods. If the Buyer exercises the right of withdrawal, the Buyer shall bear all delivery costs himself/herself!

The Buyer has the right to return the goods to the Seller if:

  • the purchased goods are damaged;

  • the information provided about the goods has been insufficient or misleading;

  • the goods do not comply with the requirements of laws and regulations.

In such cases, you have the right to contact the Seller and ask the Seller to replace the goods you have purchased or to refund the money paid for the goods. The rectification or replacement of the goods shall be carried out within a reasonable period of time free of charge.

The Seller has the right not to refund the money for the goods if:

  • the goods have been used;
  • the goods do not have all the original documents;
  • the goods are not in their original packaging;
  • the goods are not returned as a complete set;
  • the goods have visual damage;
  • the packaging of the goods is damaged;
  • Buyer cant produce a receipt;
  • until the Buyer returns the goods to the actual address of the E-store.

Change of goods 

You can ask change your goods within 30 days!

If you want to replace your goods to another goods, just send us refusal form to our e mail: [email protected] and we will help you!   

Please note! If you want to replace your goods to another goods, we will apply the same rules as for returns! 

The Seller shall refund the difference between amount of the goods to the Buyer no later than 30 days after receipt of the Buyer’s written application.

Cancelations of purchase

We do not accept cancelations. 

4. Shopping

The prices in the E-store are given in EUR, including VAT 21%. The descriptions and images of the goods sold in the E-store are for information purposes only. The actual colour may differ slightly from the colour seen on the screen.

Please note! All products are available only on your order. The Exception is products on section "Availible now".

5. Delivery

We will deal with your order as soon as possible and expect to dispatch it within 14 days, exception is goods on section "Available now", they are availible within 1-3 working days!

The order is shipped according to the order details to the specified address/parcel machine or adress. The Buyer is responsible for the correctness of the information specified in the order.

We offer the following types of delivery:

  • Omniva;
  • DPD;
  • Latvijas pasts.

Please send all questions about the delivery of the order to WhatsApp: +371 20040460 or email: [email protected] or use the contact form at linen-natural.lv. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

6. Payments

Payment by Bank transfer

After the order is placed, an invoice will be sent to your provided email address, which must be paid within 3 business days. Please dont forget to indicate your invoice number, upon payment!

7. Copywright

Images and descriptions of the goods and other information are the property of Latvijas labumi SIA.

8. Disputes

All disputes related to the purchase of the goods in the E-store shall be resolved in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The parties shall seek to resolve a dispute by mutual negotiation, but if this is not possible, the dispute shall be settled in court. The Buyer shall have the right to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Centre if the Buyer believes that his/her rights in relation to the distance contract have been violated or affected, as well as the Data State Inspectorate if the Buyer’s rights regarding personal data protection issues have been affected.

9. Other

When shopping in the E-store you agree to these terms and conditions.

We have the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes take effect immediately after their publication in the E-store 



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